Synap Document Viewer

Add high-quality document Converting &
Viewing to your service!

Users can view various file types through a browser
without downloading documents and
installing specific applications.

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Target Services

You can add document viewer service
into your own website or mobile or desktop applications.

  • Web-based Viewer
  • Converting the files from their native formats
    into web standard format
  • - Formats : MS office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), PDF
    - Browsers : Chrome, IE, MS Edge, Firefox, Safari
  • With a near-native render, some parts may not look identical to the original contents.
  • Administration Console
  • Get a dashboard of conversion and usage data
  • - Monitoring
    - Statistics
    - Server Setting

AWS EC2 Instance support

Available on the AWS Marketplace as an Amazon Machine Image

- No hardware needs to be installed
- You must have an AWS account before you create instance on AWS.

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This price policy is applicable to customers who want to use their EC2 instance to integrate the Synap Document Viewer
with their company's internal services. Ex. Homepage, Email, Cloud Storage, etc.

Instance Type Instance Model vCPU Monthly per Server Annually per Server
M4 or C4 xlarge 4 400 USD 4,000 USD
M4 or C4 2xlarge 8 800 USD 8,000 USD
M4 or C4 4xlarge 16 1,600 USD 16,000 USD
C4 8xlarge 36 3,600 USD 36,000 USD

Contact us.
- If you need to use more than 8xlarge model
- If you want to include Synap Document Viewer in your SaaS business and software products

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